Wilson White: ,Of those questions, which do you think are the easiest to solve? And what should we going to do about solving them?

Y N Harari: I'll address the Fake News Question, not because it is the easiest to solve, but also maybe it's the relevant to what you're doing here in Google. And I would say the current incarnation of the Fake News problem has a lot to do with the model of news and information market, that we have constructed a model that basically says ,exciting news for free' in exchange for your attention. And this is a very problematic model, because it turns human attention in the most scarce resource and you get more and more competition for human attention with more and more exciting news that.. again, and some smartest people in the world have learned how to excite your brain, how to click us on the news story. And truth gets completely pushed away. It's not part of the equation. The equation is attention an excitement, attention and excitement and on the collective level I think , the solution of that problem could be to change the model of the News market to high quality news, that costs you a lot of money, but don't abuse your attention. It's very strange that we are in a situation, when people are willing to pay a lot for high quality food or high quality cars, but not for high quality news. And this has a lot to do with the architecture of the information market. And I think there are many things that you here in Google in order to help society change the model of the News market.


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